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Do you want to be an airline pilot? do you lack previous experience? No problem, we will show you that your way to the cockpit is open even without it.

Every year, we hold a Career Day on the premises of the pilot training centre. It is a day full of lectures of aviation experts, meetings with pilots, students and our colleagues from CATC’s back office.  This gives you an opportunity to learn a lot about the career of airline pilot and ask any questions you may have. Besides that, the Career Day offers you the chance to enrol in the screening for future ab initio pilot students. We announce the date of the Career Day well in advance. Follow our website or Facebook and don’t miss the next Career Day!

Do you need a little bit more inspiration? Watch our video interview with Dieter Harms, the father of MPL training, who visited CATC some time ago.

The screening for ab initio training was held in May 2017. Further screening dates might be available throughout the year to meet demand. Follow our website, Facebook or Twitter.





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